abt me.


hi, i’m zoë.

i’m a female. i love art. i’m passionate about nature, equality, and justice.

i was born on october 27th. i have dark brown eyes and hair. i have a birthmark just above my left eyebrow. i have warm brown skin.

i like to drink tea, coffee, and red bull. i like to eat ramen, sushi, and pad thai.

i like to sing and write poetry and lyrics. i also like to read, especially thrillers.

i draw. a lot. art is my sh*t, man. i love it.

what else?

i genuinely believe in unicorns and horoscopes.

i believe in a higher power.

i believe everything happens for a reason, but we have the power to change our outcomes.

i believe everyone is special in their own way, but we all should have equal rights.

i believe that race, sex, nationality, gender, age, or beliefs should never divide us.

i truly believe in you.



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