hey u.

do you ever feel like you’re missing something? like there’s a piece of you that’s just vanished?

empty and alone. it’s a horrible feeling. it feels as if your very existence is slowly disappearing. it’s many emotions sparking at once; disgust, sadness, fear, etc.

“i feel it in my bones, coursing through my veins, when did i become so cold?”

Falling in Reverse

are you searching for the cure to this painful feeling? (empty and alone) first, what sparked this feeling? then, ask yourself these three questions:

  • how did this feeling start?
  • has this feeling affected my life in either a major or minor manner? (Productivity, focus, etc.)
  • how/with what can I fill this void?

the last question here is a tricky one to answer. lots of people who’ve tried to figure out what to fill their empty void have gotten into dangerous situations, such as doing or dealing drugs and committing crimes to make quick money.

sorry to break it to you, but drugs or money aren’t going to get you anywhere but emptier.

what will isn’t a recipe. it’s not a certain list of things that, if you fully complete them, you’ll be pain-free. it’s all about your thoughts and what you choose to think, and how you choose to act.

looking hopefully to the future, finding the positive in whatever situation you’re in, and doing more of the things you love will inevitably fill that crater in your soul.

you become what you think.

if you think judgmentally, you will turn up unsatisfied. if you think negatively, you will end up unhappy. your thoughts control your actions.

more specifically, its a 3-step process; emotions lead to thoughts and thoughts lead to actions.

that’s why the best way to help someone who is suicidal is to allow them to determine the cause of their feelings, rather than tell them to not commit action; they’re still going to be in pain, and would much rather commit action.

emotions are real. everyone feels them. but its the thoughts you have the opportunity and ability to control which will dictate how you take care of your wellbeing. it’s so important to stay positive.

if you’ve ever seen parks and recreation, you know chris traeger. he’s literally the most positive person on planet earth, and you can see he has huge impact on his coworkers because of his positive vibes. he chose to take negative events and have a positive outlook on them. and that’s what will get you so, so far in life.

thinking like this will allow you to feel so much more full of life than ever before.






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