you are a miracle story

hey u.

i don’t know your story. i don’t know what you’ve been through, and i don’t know how long you’ve been fighting.

however, i do know that you have a truly amazing story. i know you’ve been through some f*cked up sh*t, and i know that you have been fighting something for what seems like an eternity.

tears falling down their cheek

chest sinking under the weight

she’s drowning and she can’t swim to shore

he’s wounded and he’s falling to his knees

she’s feeling the pressure and wants to explode

he takes the bullet and screams for death

in poetry, there are many styles of writing; the one above is known as a haiku. there is also a type of writing called an epic, which involves an intense adventure with a heroic individual.

i think you and i are living in our own epic, and each of us are the heroic warriors of our own poem.

our battles are all different, but they are both very difficult to fight. our stories are rough to tell, and inexplicable to write.

it’s tough to stand up tall as the hero or heroine of your own poem, but if you aren’t…who will? would you let someone other than yourself control your life, or live it for yourself, no matter how gritty and intense the battles may be?

don’t give up. neverever give up. your story isn’t over, and there are so many things that’ll happen in it for the better; as long as you have hope.

“you are special

you are loved

a perfect reflection of heaven above

god makes no mistakes

you are a miracle story”

(©memphis may fire, divinity, 2014)

ilysm. remember that.







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