the ‘feminazi’ trend

hey u.

this morning, i got into somewhat of a heated discussion with my mom about something i am passionate about:

women’s rights

she told me that i shouldn’t be siding with an ideal which encourages women to be higher than men.

wait… what?

my mom has adopted the same definition of feminism that society has evolved it to be. society believes that feminism is not ‘women’s rights‘, it’s ‘women’s dictatorship‘.

the merriam-webster definition of the term ‘feminism‘ is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. that is what i believe in. i believe women should have the same social, economic, and political rights as men.

i do not believe that women should be higher (per se) over men.

heck, even merriam-webster has a word in the dictionary for an “extremist feminist”: ‘feminazi‘.

there are literally so many videos of women calling themselves “feminists”, yet making comments like “all men are misogynists” and “women need to stand tall over men“, instead of saying:

“we are all equal and need to work together with each other to make a better world“.

don’t get me wrong, ladies. i love you all. like i said, i believe we should be given the same rights as men, and i believe you and i can do great things.

but saying we’re higher than our opposite sex…that’s sexism, not feminism.

sorry if this was somewhat of a rant, this misconception has really been bothering the sh*t out of me.

thanks for hearing me out. i’d love to hear your opinion on this topic, so hmu!






















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