b*tch don’t kill my vibe

hey u.

sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me

sorry to kill your vibe, but words actually hurt the sh*t out of you. they hurt af. hypothetically, it would seem like words wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t dwell on them too much. but our brains tie other’s hurtful words into our thoughts and feelings, and it leaves us with a hell of a headache.

no joke, i remember every single time in middle school when i was called fat, ugly, an idiot, incompetent, along with many other insults. those words definitely contributed to my lifestyle, as well as my self-confidence and thought processes. i reached an all time low in high-school, as it was just like middle school, only 10x worse because i dwelt on every single negative word and memory associated with it.

life wasn’t the same as it was when i was an innocent 8 year old without a care in the world. now my life revolved about what others said about me.

i let other people control me. i let them take a hold of my life and let go of myself.

i spun out of control, desperately trying to find a way back up. i struggled with major depressive disorder and anxiety for 9 years. that’s a hell of a long time, especially without help.

even when i thought there wasn’t hope, there was still a tiny part inside of me kicking and screaming to catch one last breath. i went to a mental health facility, started seeing a therapist, and things started looking up. however, i still face the same voices at work, in school, at home, and occasionally in the mirror.

even though words rip into your emotions and hurt like hell, you must have hope that you still have control of your own life, and you can choose whether or not to take their words personally.

you have the choice whether to sink in your seat and drown in the hateful words of your piers, coworkers, parents, and self, or to think in retrospect and realize that you are so much more than the abhorrent, loathsome creature they’ve made you out to be.

you can choose to be positive, to have hope, and know that your situation will end soon. don’t let em kill your vibe, b.

i can tell you that by even having the slightest of hope in the darkest of times, it changed me so much for the better.

so what will you choose, beautiful?




(i’ll b sharing < ab this type of topic, bc u can never hear enough of it. it’s so mpowring n imprtnt 2 know. ilysm ok xoxo)




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