y periwinkle tho

hey u.

many people have been asking me:

why tf is ur name periwinkle

well junebug, i love the color periwinkle blue. it expresses so much, and invokes so many thoughts.

it’s a calming color, yet it has insane vibes to it. it’s not lavender, indigo, purple, or blue. it’s almost like it’s stuck in transition from one stage into the next. it represents positivity and hope to me. it’s like jumping into the sky, yet laying to rest, at the same time.

there’s so many tones going on at once in this color.

i feel like this color describes my inner, true personality. i love expressing myself artistically, whether it be through music, writing, or art. this color seems airy, as if there are no boundaries to where it’ll go next. it seems unafraid to take risks and optimistic about the future; reserved, yet thoughtful. it’s hopeful. bubbly-esque.

it may seem a little anthropomorphic, but colors truly do invoke so many thoughts and emotions in one’s brain.

it’s hard to explain all the emotions associated with this color.

which color makes you feel the same?





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